Tandem Tails.


Please fill out these forms applicable at the earliest convenience and email us a copy at


We request that all new clients fill this form out so we can put you in our system and make sure we have all the information necessary. 

We love showing off pictures of our clients on social media and on our website.  If you are open to the idea of us taking pictures of your lovely animals please fill out this form giving us permission.

If we have accepted your application for boarding and you have reserved time for your pup to stay at our place please print this contract our and bring it with you when dropping off your pet.  If you don't have a printer available to you please contact us and we can print one out for you to sign day of.

If you are considering boarding your dog with us please fill out this application and email us a copy when you are done.  As much as we would love to accept everyone's dogs into our house we do have a very brief screening period to ensure that all parties are comfortable, happy, and safe.